Prosper as an Independent Physician: Join a Physician-led ACO

Written and Edited by: Subodh Agrawal, MD & Michelle Howard

Healthcare Problem: The increasing US healthcare cost and decreasing health quality matrix over the last 5 decades has created multiple new problems, such as increasing the lifespan but decreasing the health span which created a large population of elderly requiring health care.

Currently, US healthcare is spending 20% of our healthcare resources on 1% of the population and 50% on 5% of the population. Studies done by Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP Andrew D. Hackbarth, MPhil have shown that US healthcare has wasted nearly 1 trillion dollars each year on unnecessary overpriced patient expenses and care. Numerous solutions have been presented to solve the nearly 1 trillion dollar healthcare waste, the most helpful being keeping our physicians independent, here’s why...

What is Freedom of Practice: According to the World Medical Associate, physicians must have the professional freedom to care for their patients without interference. The exercise of the physician's professional judgement and discretion in making clinical and ethical decisions in the care and treatment of patients must be preserved and protected.

Dr. RV Dronavalli, a board certified rheumatologist and member of