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Time to Learn: How to Add Value to Your Medical Enterprise

The exercise of the physician's professional judgement and discretion in making clinical and ethical decisions in the care and treatment of patients must be preserved and protected.

As a physician, you spent countless hours studying in medical school to learn how to best treat your patients. You did not go through all of the hard work so that afterwards you could be told, when, where, and how to treat each patient. You certainly did not go to school to earn money for the hospital, insurance companies, or for business entities. But that is where the future of healthcare is going. If you look at the chart below, you will see that hospitals cost the United States’ healthcare system about double that of physician’s services.

The inflation of hospital costs due to fees such as facility fees is why the world of healthcare is changing so rapidly for physicians and patients. The hospitals were able to use the money that they gained from over-charging to buy independent practices in their area, offering physicians a bit better salary and the promise of not dealing with all of the stressful back end work of running an independent practice thus creating a cycle of eliminating independent physicians.

The loss of independent physicians is not good for the patient or physician. Though it sounds like it would be for the physician, it takes away all autonomy of treating their patients due to hospitals now having the final say in patient treatment, and the increased hospital costs are now costly to patients who could have gone to their primary care independent physician before the physician was bought out. Furthermore, in the long run, independent physicians typically make more than working in hospitals, as well.

“Physicians are the ones who have control of the pen, yet, they only get 8% of the pie. No one gets paid without a physician’s signature.” - Dr. Arthur Hansen Chief Executive Officer of Palm Beach ACO

Let Doctor’s ACO and A1 Doctor’s Association help you become not just the pen signer but the controller of your practice in all aspects. Most physicians end up becoming employed by a hospital because they do not know the resources available to them to become/stay independent. Joining an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and Independent Physicians' Association (IPA) will give you the tools to stay in charge and run an efficient high-quality, low-cost practice along with numerous other benefits, including, the possibility of managing your own physician led Medicare Advantage plan like Kiran Patel, a physician who created his own Medicare Advantage plan that create billions in revenue and sold for millions.

You should be in charge of how to treat your patients, how you run your practice, and even how your patients pay.

Join our Doctor’s ACO meeting through zoom April 14th, 2021 at 6:00P.M. EST to learn more about all of the benefits and ways an ACO can help you as an independent physician!

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