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About Doctors ACO

Doctors ACO, LLC is a physician owned and operated organization that was established to improve healthcare delivery. In order to achieve this goal, services are based on an Accountable Care Organizations' (ACO) principles and purpose. The ACO "three part aim" is to improve the patient experience, improve population health and decrease per capita healthcare costs. Doctors ACO will establish, define, implement, evaluate, and periodically update each ACO component by promoting:

1) Beneficiary Engagement

2) Evidenced Based Medicine

3) Care Plan Coordination

4) Internal Quality and Cost Metrics Reporting and Improvement

Doctors ACO is actively changing the healthcare climate in your community. It is fully owned and operated by independent Physicians.  Doctors ACO includes both primary care and specialist physicians as both are critical for coordinating collaborative healthcare for optimized outcomes. There are more than 110 Primary Care Physicians and 40 Specialist physician members who together serve over 15,000 People with Medicare Fee-for-Service.  


Doctors ACO's initial approach to delivering accountable care is by empowering the primary care physicians to act as beneficiary advocates by building a relationship of trust, understanding and dependability. The goal is to get the beneficiary, who has open access to any primary care physician specialist, or hospital, to remain aligned closely with their Doctors ACO physician. The physician will identify the unique healthcare needs of each beneficiary to create a personalized healthcare plan. The coordinated execution and evolution of this personalized plan will be the basis with which the physician will prove and demonstrate his/her dedication to the beneficiary's health and well-being and deliver the quality outcomes, appropriate utilization, and exceptionally improved beneficiary engagement. Aside from engaging the beneficiary to be involved in their care to the maximum extent possible, the personalized care plan will implement the best practices based on evidence-based medicine; coordinate care among and between providers and facilities; use data to support continuous quality improvement; use community resources to the extent necessary to support and assure the beneficiary received the specific care they need at that time.

What is an ACO?


Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are groups of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers who collaborate and work together to give you and other people with Medicare Fee-for-Service the best possible care. The goal of an ACO is to support your doctor in caring for you. By coordinating your care, an ACO will ensure that you get the right care at the right time while avoiding the unnecessary duplication of tests or services.

An ACO will help your doctors’ work together to coordinate your care. Doctors and health care providers will communicate closely with each other to follow your health and make sure you get the best care possible. Participating providers of an ACO are committed to your care and to a better overall patient experience for you.

Doctors ACO perceives accountable care organizations (ACOs) as a model for working together with providers to transform patient care and bring greater quality and sustainability to the health care system.

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