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Doctors Accountable Care Organization (ACO) offers the best coaching strategies for independent physicians to deliver the highest quality of care at the lowest cost. The services listed below are guided by the best leadership team in the industry using trusted data management systems and established patterns of ACO success.​

Care Coordination


Doctors ACO works diligently to organize patient information and communicate this to the network of healthcare providers that care for our patients, including primary care, specialists, mid level providers, urgent care clinics, and hospital providers in order to facilitate the appropriate delivery of health care services. 

Quality Reporting


As a member of Doctors ACO, we will handle your data submission for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System section of the Quality Payment Program. Under our organization you will do what is referred to as the group practice reporting option. A benefit of reporting via GPRO, is that those providers who have difficulty meeting the reporting requirements for individual submission may benefit from group reporting.

Data Analysis


Doctors ACO’s new healthcare analytics software, BlueSky, is designed to give the independent physician the competitive edge they need to succeed! BlueSky will allow you to clearly see if your healthcare dollars are being spent responsibly. If a patient is a frequent ER flier, receiving high cost or unnecessary care, BlueSky will let you know!

Revenue Growth


Doctors ACO members will receive guidance to make sure that they are performing all appropriate services for their patients. This will offer higher quality care while increasing practice revenue. Doctors ACO physicians are encouraged to see their chronically ill patients 4 times per year as well as ensure medicare patients have gotten their annual wellness visits.

Doctors ACO Member Support Center



Medicare Annual Wellness Visits:

  • Call patients to schedule AWVs

  • Mail AWV postcard reminders

  • Run and evaluate eligibility reports


ER Frequent Fliers

  • Run ER reports for high risk patients

  • Thursday touch service to keep high risk patients out of the ER

Transitional Care Management (TCM)

  • Ensure notifications are checked (hospital portals)

  • TCM tracking worksheet

  • Train and educate your staff on best TCM practices


Let the Doctors ACO Support Team Help Your Office!

Contact the Support Center to get started at 706-963-1722

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